The Role of the Healer

As many of my  friends and colleagues know, I am producing an interactive webpage/video series that promotes alternative healthcare. This has been a personal goal of mine for quite some time; as I had dealt for years with chronic fatigue that had not been not properly treated through traditional western methodologies. Anyone who has dealt with an "undiagnosed" illness can tell you that sometimes, all they want is someone to acknowledge that what they are experiencing is real. But often, illness in America is only given a name when there is a corresponding pill developed to treat the symptoms. 

It is my belief that a good health practitioner will admit to you when they don't have the answer, which was rarely the case back in 2002 when I was seeking help. In my opinion, a good practitioner will also admit that they are not "healing", but acting as a facilitator, guiding and activating the healing power that is inherent within all of us. But, when you are sick and feel like you have exhausted all of your options, the idea that one simply "heals themselves" can also sound overwhelming and provoke a sense of guilt.

Either way, I posed the question on Facebook as to "What is the real role of the Healer", and got some great responses from my friends. I thought I'd share them below:


"...In regards to the "role of the healer", or, the role of anyone for that matter: If I was to believe that we all create our own reality, (And I do) - what would the point be in trying to "lead" others to healing? What is my actual role? Am I pushing forward a collective consciousness? Am I influencing anyone at all?


"I believe that true healers don't "heal people", but assist and enable others in their own healing. I also believe that while we all have a destiny, we are also destined to interact with others, and be impacted and changed in myriads of ways from these interactions. some would say that it may take lifetimes for us to receive the lessons, or healing from these interactions. i definitely believe that each of us influences others. Just inhabiting physical space on the planet has effects on others in countless ways, and there are so many other realms of influence... Emotional, spiritual, intellectual... etc." - R. EJIRE

"This may sound cliche, but I'd say it's in the ballpark of being the change we wish to see. Modeling emotional fluidity, and empowering mental focus and looking/listening for the authentic version of that energy in our client. Everyone's path to peace/healing is uniquely theirs...a heroic journey. As a healer, I consider myself to be constantly seeking alignment and supporting the process of those I connect with by asking questions and being in touch w my truth in their presence." - A. NORRIS

Ideally for me, healing is an act of love in alignment with dharma or cosmic order with complete acceptance for the person I am working with. There is no attachment to the outcome otherwise a karmic residue is left with me that I will then have to process myself. Even this dynamic is part of the truth that we are one in love and there is no actual distinction between the healer and the healed. We do it to fulfill our purpose because ultimately the fabric of our world is a movement towards healing.."

Yes, you ARE pushing forward a collective consciousness. Though we can only truly heal ourselves, we assist others in a few ways....but most of all by example. Be the light and the proof for positive change! We see you coming along and may come along, too!" - C. CASTAÑO

You're thinking too much boo. Haha I believe we all have missions/roles to fulfill - those roles may change over a lifetime or over a day. We are also always in relationship with one another - everyone has a role in someone else's life - it is inevitable - so really what do you feel moved (mentally, physically, emotionally) to inspire in yourself and others? And does your role really need a title? It really only matters in perhaps communicating with others and understanding the general essence of your 'role'. The actions fulfill the title not vice versa." - J. FREITES

I create my own reality yes. If I am asking for healing then I will be healed. However that healing may come from any number of ways. When I ask for something and align with it I then put myself in the position to receive it. That is when I come across the "healer" that helps me or takes me one step further toward health. Until I am ready to receive and in alignment the answers will not show up. That is my work. God has inspired you to heal and to show up once others are asking for that healing and are ready to receive it. You are correct though if someone is not asking or ready you cannot help them." - D.SMITH

By the way you live your live, you show others an alternative way. By encouragement and example, you give others permission to follow. By leading, you make it appear attainable to others. And though we can never know what effect our love, our lives, may have on others we can safely assume that it's far beyond the reach of our imaginations:)." - D. LENT

You can't always see influence. You never know when a seed will set. Do it because it's altruistic and for no other reason." - T. OXFORD

The concept of creating one's own reality is difficult to swallow for those suffering chronic, worsening pain. It used to resonate with me. It no longer does. Just establishes guilt in a genuinely open mind. But I love reading people's thoughts on this!" - K. BRYCE

The healer ideally stands witness. Watches, holds space along the journey. .. the closest to a healer I consider is someone who strives to be neutral and trusts that wherever you are is where you are...and does not make you wrong, nor tells you it needs to be another way - your path is your matter how many walls you hit along the way. Trusting the process...and being a channel for love and light never hurt anyone" - A. FERRERA

In my spiritual tradition we understand the concept of Ori. Ori is our highest divinity, the supreme aspect of ourselves which is our direct link to the source, Ori holds the blueprint to our destiny on Earth. Everything in existence has an Ori which links us all into an interconnected state of symbiosis. Healing is only effective when our Ori accepts the healing modality being administered by the healer. This means that we incorporate the healing energy and by accepting it effectively heal ourselves, the healer is the initiator of healing, we are the culminators. That persons Ori connects to our own and the process is given the green light or the red light or a yield. When a therapy has proven to be ineffective it is because somewhere along the line a red light was encountered. Fo example the person receiving the healing is not being receptive due to their Ori not accepting the treatment (reasons are as vast as the leaves on a tree, we cannot know the ultimate purpose of something at the isnt sometimes until mich later we see the fruits of that pain)..we would then see what is the issue through divination. We are very much in control of our reality but we swim through an ocean of others also in control...Ase..."  - A. BUSH


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