Sonim Tech - Video Shoot Report '15

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We (Erin, the proverbial "We") are excited to report back that another video has been completed - for our (my) newest client, Sonim Technologies. These guys engineer the toughest smartphones on the planet, (client portfolio includes such heavy hitters as the US Army). Meaning... it will outlast any ole' regular phone in most hazardous conditions. So after a hurricane, gas leak, or explosion, your charred, greasy, wet, freezing hands can still pick up and make a phone call using the Android-powered glove-capable touch screen. It's a smartphone that you can run over with a truck!

The police officers we interviewed were all over it, as one of our interviewees described cops as being "fairly destructive in nature". One of them was insistent that Sonim's marketing team allow him to shoot the phone with a gun for the camera. (That did not happen by the, unfortunately.)

Our first stop was to film the Phoenix Fire Department during the super bowl, as they patrolled the surrounding areas to ensure public safety. If you can imagine what a city downtown area looks like when the Superbowl comes to town, you'll understand the need for heightened security.

The second trip was early February, for the International Ski Championships in Vail. This was a fun shoot. We got to hang out with the Vail SWAT team, members of surrounding the Vail Police Department, and surrounding Fire department officials.

In the early mornings I would get up to do some camera tests. Camera batteries are notorious for dying prematurely due to extreme cold temperatures.
Fortunately, my camera had no issues, and I got to have a little fun outside in the snow before the day started:


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